Version 3

Quick information on the upcoming version 3 of Status Notifier. No Current ETA has been posted at this time.
Please understand there is no current ETA for this update.
Sneak peaks, changes, and other announcements will be posted here.

Version 3 will remove monitors and replace them with notifiers, this change will finally allow the bot to live up to its name!

This is a massive change and will completely override the journey we began 2 years ago. But it simply wasn't enough, we need this change.

Sneak Peaks

Creates a thread to start configurations.
Configuring settings.
Viewing the current values.
Setting the new values.
Bot Status Update.
Website Status Update.

Understanding the updates

The new upcoming features are here to make Status Notifier the bot it should've been before launching mid-2021.
Status Notifier's whole point is to be able to notifier users of any downtime of a project. As it is unfortunately obvious, we have failed in that mission, due to us using monitors rather than loggers.
This new update should bring the us back up to speed with our mission, but to do that, we need to work on it!
As shown in the Sneak Peaks, there is a series of photos leaking a few changes.
/config will continue to bring up and embed to explain what you will be doing. Clicking a button will NO LONGER open a modal and will now create a thread (Command will fail if permissions are invalid). Once a thread has opened, the bot will send a message based upon what you can configure. Clicking a button will then allow you to view the current setting (if any) and will also allow you to change it by clicking the gear button. Once you click the gear button, the bot will await your next message. Saying cancel will cancel the configuration, anything else will go through a series of checks to see if it can be configured.

Roadmap & Plans

  • Converting Bot Monitor to Instant Log.
    • Converting Website Monitor to Instant Log.
      • Converting Minecraft Monitor to Instant Log.
  • Fully deprecate modal usage for Monitor Variables.
    • Fully deprecate modal usage for Embed Variables.
  • Allow customization of the instant embeds.
  • Fully implement threads to replace modals.
  • Implement Custom Status Reports
  • Integrate feature with Better Stack to publish reports.
  • Fully Deprecate Monitor Structures.
  • Allow setting, viewing, canceling of Instant Variables.
  • Allow mention of users and/or roles on status updates.
  • More to come...

If you have any Comments/Suggestions/Concerns, you may address them by contacting us below.