Your Privacy
Privacy matters, understand how yours is affected

Storage of User Activity

Your user ID will be stored when using select commands and is removed from our databases when its no longer needed.

Usage of Stored Users

User ID's and occasionally usernames are stored to allow proper use of select commands to prevent abuse

Data sent in Bug Reports

When sending a bug report, the following is data stored and sent to the Developer
  • Username and ID
  • Guild name and ID
  • the Monitor's current state
after this data is sent to the Developer, the Database is wiped clean from that data

How the monitor executes

Status Notifier's Monitor is executed on a minutely basis. The monitor runs a check on every single member within that guild and pulls the Bots and gathers their status. The monitor then goes through the listed websites and accesses them using node-fetch to get the response code and checks if its online


Your Username and ID is stored temporarily to maintain stabability and prevent abuse, When the contents is no longer needed they are removed from the database