Change Log

All the bots versions and change logs! The easiest way to see what happened on each update!

Change log dates are in American format! (MM-DD-YYYY)

[3-30-2023] 2.2.0 => 2.2.1


  • Fixed bot being completely unresponsive to buttons

  • Disabled configuration of Embed Colors due to a detrimental bug.

[01-11-2023] 2.1.0 => 2.2.0


  • You can now choose what monitors you want to see (instead of 1 or all)

  • Websites now take an optional name

  • Bedrock servers now take an optional name


  • Updated to Djs v14 for stability!

[01-02-2023] 2.0.1 => 2.1.0


  • Now accepts Channel Names as an argument

  • Now accepts Bot Names/Tags as an argument

  • Added Bot Display to Monitor Configuration


  • Minor bug fixes behind the scenes

[10-09-2022] 2.0.0 => 2.0.1


  • Major bug affecting the Report Bug button.

  • Major bug disallowing usage of default emojis when USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJI is disabled.

[10-04-2022] 1.5.3 => 2.0.0


  • /config - Configure monitor settings!

  • Slash Commands (Yes, we still support prefixed!)

  • Minecraft (Bedrock) Monitor

  • Ability to use Custom Emojis

  • Monitor Pages - All Monitors are no longer on one embed, now on 3 separate embeds which you can choose to see one or all!


  • Bug Report Modal now allows for more specific detail

  • Monitors are now sent in Webhooks instead of Messages! (Requires Reconfiguration)


  • $sites - Removed in favor of /config

  • $bots - Removed in favor of /config

  • $channel - Removed in favor of /config

  • $reset - Removed in favor of /config

  • $ping - Removed in favor of /bot

  • $guilds - Removed in favor of /bot


  • Custom Site Names - See Site Names instead of URLs on Monitors

  • Ability to choose whether you want to see the MENTION or USERNAME of bot on Monitors

  • More Customizability and User-Friendliness

[9-12-2022] 1.5.2 => 1.5.3


  • Major bug affecting usage of $bots -> No Response when bot not found.

  • Major bug affecting usage of $channel -> Channel would still set even if permissions were invalid.

  • Fixed wrong guild count in $guilds -> Gave guild shard count when wanted total.

[07-28-2022] 1.0.0 => 1.5.2


  • The bot is now sharded, This improves stability and allows the monitor to update back at 1 minute!

  • You can now manually remove bots from the monitor $bots -r @bot


  • Removing websites actually works now


[09-24-2021] 0.0.0 => 1.0.0


  • Bot Monitor

  • Site Monitor

  • Online/Total Ratio status

  • Button to report bug

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