The only bot you'll need to monitor your bots and sites with one bot!

What does Status Notifier Do?

Status Notifier monitors the status of the sites and bots you add to the monitor!

How does it work?

For the best explanation of each command, Go here!

How do I report bugs?

On the monitor's embed, There will be a button labeled "Report Bug". When pushing the button, The bot will respond with options that may be bugged. If your report is not an option, Make a suggestion in the Support Server!

What will the embed look like?

The monitor will show the online/offline bots and sites. There is a online/total ratio above the monitor too!

How do I add certain bots to the monitor?

  • By default, it will monitor all bots in the guild.
  • Certain bots on the monitor can be changed by using $bots!

How do I remove a site from the monitor?

  • Currently, that option is not available. We are working our hardest to get that feature out!
  • If the removal of a site is urgent, you can reset the monitor's settings for this guild!
Last modified 3mo ago